Guests and Exhibitors 2019

Confirmed Guests


Keith Baker is an award winning game designer who creates diverse games from the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons to tabletop card games like Illimat and Gloom. In addition to working with Wizards of the Coast on the recently released The Wayfinders Guide to Eberron for 5e, Keith co-owns his own game design & publishing company, Twogether Studios and created and published three titles in the last year.

Keith is looking forward to returning to Wales, and exploring more castles, coast, and it’s friendly gamers.

The Etherington Brothers have unfortunately had to cancel their appearance at SCGC2019 due to other commitments.

Fear not though, they’ll be back for SCGC 2020!

Dylan Teague has been working in comics for over 20 years. He’s done most of his work for 2000Ad and Judge Dredd the Megazine. He’s branched out into the French market, producing graphic novels for Delcourt and Kennes Editions.


Confirmed Exhibitors and Traders



The Art of Ceri / ZombyArt are two artists from South Wales whom have developed their own style in art to create unique pieces of work. Using a mix of mediums the pair create original pieces as well as fan-art to further develop their own skills and to express their love for each piece they create

BethRose Jewellery are a small two person team who love creating pieces based on their favourite shows, movies and comics.

They’ve got pieces for everyone no matter your style or genre. All pieces are handmade by them, with occasional help from theirfamilies, so because of this they take great pride in working with you to create something truly unique.

Cherrybonbonbows is a shop that sells cute accessories that bring a spark of kawaii to your life!

They have a fantastic range of adorable fashion accessories – bows, hair accessories, earings, necklaces, keyrings and more!

Darren Doyle is a newly set up sole trader, trading in Retro games, Film, TV and Animation merchandise, Gaming merchandise and anything in between.

Nine Years ago Deadstar Publishing was launched with the intention of showcasing new talent by publishing books, comics and graphic novels with a focus on horror, science fiction and fantasy.

They wanted to help creators get noticed and started with Rising Stars volume 1 – alumni from which have gone on to make comics their full time career. Their current flagship titles are Dexter’s Half Dozen (nominated in 2014 for a Stan Lee True Believers Award) and their family friendly Dolphin Squad graphic novels.

Ellenstration is a magical fantasy artist that explores the themes of nature and feminine beauty with a gothic twist. Her work is often inspired by the stories of mythology and fairy tales.

She will be selling a collection of originals and high-quality prints at this event.

Film42 comics is a new comic creator, first publishing in 2016. “Myth of the K’inti” is a new series of comic books describing a vast new realm of creation and alternate realities, which reawaken a group of youngsters’ imaginations. It chronicles the journey of Timo and his unusual companions. This is the first comic book collaboration of author Trev Burgess and Illustrator Dom Tsoi from South Wales, UK.

Gamma Radio is a post-apocalyptic comedy podcast that has been described as Douglas Adams meets Monty Python in a nuclear wasteland.

Join hosts Fog and Dave as they haplessly attempt to present a radio show in an age of mutants, robots and raiders. Meet the writers, get the show, and maybe buy some merch!

Goblin Wood are a small business based in Carmarthen, specialising in Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts official merchandise. They sell collectable figures, keyrings, mugs, badges, stickers, and all things from JK Rowlings Wizarding World!

Ivy Moon Designs is a local Swansea-based company specialising in all manner of Steampunk, Gothic and cosplay accessories, costume and paraphenalia.

Trevor and Amy search the four corners of the globe to bring new, exciting and interesting goods that will delight and titilate the most discerning of folk.

The also make and sell some unique and individual items which will enhance the costume of any well dressed steampunk.

JadeJonesArt is a local tea-fuelled artist who specialises in mixed media art inspired by the world of geek.

From movies and anime, to video games and books, JadeJonesArt has a range of products for you to fill your fandom heart with.

Rhiannon Kagoe is an international selling traditional illustrator and comic artist from Bristol.

Her latest project is a comic called ‘Spunk’. It’s an original take on the classic haunted house scenario with a modern romance and dark comedic undertones.

Using an online store and a DIY approach, one of her most popular creations is a sticker pack featuring cute yet immoral cats. Her work has been sold to people around the world.

Kerry Louise is an artist, illustrator and photographer living in Wales. She is a multimedia artist working mainly in watercolour, ink and graphite, but also sometimes incorporating pencils markers and acrylic.

Kerry studied anthropology at university and this had an influence on the way she views the world around her which she incorporates in to her art and photography. Later becoming particularly interested in mythology, otherworldly characters, mythical beings and oddities.

Kerry also spent some time as a tattoo apprentice which has also had an influence on her work. In her spare time Kerry enjoys traveling, nature and the outdoors.

Little Dragon Designs offer unique and unusual handmade fantasy art from a small family run business in South Wales. Their artwork is inspired by fantasy, mythical creatures and all things geeky!

They make things ranging from cute tiny dragons set into pocket watch cases, to gorgeous slices of agates hand painted with mythical creatures, to adorable sterling silver Plesiosaur charms!

NateSpace Props is Nathan Williams, an emerging Prop maker based in the Swansea Valley. Inspired by video games, Warhammer and movies he creates high quality props through the fantastic medium of 3D Printing and painting skills.

Peter James Maggs is the creator of the all ages supernatural mystery comic, The Many Strange Cases of Ghost Jones, for which he is both writer and artist. His stories are about magical worlds and the people who live their lives in them.

Pontys Upcycles is a Swansea based small business that uses comics to upcycle everyday items.

Nick Prolix is the cartoonist behind the one-person anthology series Nick Prolix’s
Slang Pictorial in which I serialise a slice-of-life comedy drama set in 1960s London.

Retro Stash are a Port Talbot based retro–modern game toy and collectible store who buy, sell and trade.

They deal in all things nerdy; vintage gaming consoles and games, comics and graphic novels, movie and game related figures, mini figures and trading cards.

Rocks Comics A whole range of comics books, something for everyone from those looking for key silver age comics to those just wanting to spend a bit of pocket money!

Ross Eliot and Connor Roberts are aspiring illustrators. They will be selling original artwork and art prints of fantasy illustrations and comic and manga fanart.

Sea Shanty Designs offer handmade gaming wristbands and superhero bracelets (Fortnite, Minecraft, Spiderman, Deadpool etc.). they also make paracord bracelets and retro designs
The Swansea Comics Collective was formed in September 2008 by two blokes in a comic shop. Fed up with talking about creating comics but not putting pencil to paper often enough, Pete and Mark decided to start a group where local artists and writers could meet to collectively pursue this goal.

They now meet regularly and during the meeting a character or theme is chosen and the resulting blog art (Blarts) are posted here. They also run occasional ‘Creating Comic’ workshops and have published several comics. They recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of the next issue of their Copperopolis series.

The Gamers’ Emporium is Swansea’s independent friendly local gaming store.

A broad church of gaming, they offer a little bit of everything when it comes to analog gaming – Board Games, Card Games, Hobby Supplies, Roleplaying Games and Miniature War Games, plus two floors of space to play them in at their family friendly store in the centre of Swansea.