Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention


PRESS RELEASE 29-06-2023

After much consideration and wringing of hands, we have come to the decision to close our doors and wrap up the Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention.

This isn’t a decision we have made lightly. Whilst 2023 was another great year, we feel with ever increasing costs, our ability to run a viable event would become more and more difficult. So, instead of risking ever diminishing returns, or a lacklustre experience for our loyal fans, we will be bowing out and ending things on a high.

We started the Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention because we knew that the city had a great geek community without an event of our own to celebrate this, but even we were amazed by the support we received when we opened our doors for the first time back in 2016. Some of you will have followed us from our roots in the Volcano to the new Arena, and because of this we grew and grew. So with all sincerity, from the bottoms of our geek-hearts, we thank you.

We know that this isn’t the news you would have been wanting to hear, but if there’s one thing SCGC showed is that Swansea has a thriving geek community. So whilst the SCGC is coming to an end the community is here and we hope to see you guys take the ball and run with it.

May all your comics be cherry, and all your dice rolls be crits!

SCGC out…