Only Two Weeks To Go!

We’re on the home stretch. SCGC 2018 is just around the corner. Are you panicking yet? I’m not panicking! Stop panicking!

Let us recap all of the wonderful and interesting and wonderful things that’ll be on offer at this years show:

To kick things off, the evening before the event, we’ll be hosting a ‘Movie & Pizza Night’ at Cinema & Co. where you can hang out with us, eat pizza and watch The Transformers: The Movie (1986).

Then, on the day we will have 50+ guests, vendors and exhibitors; including big name artists, indie comic creators, illustrators, comics and collectibles vendors, cosplay guests, arts and crafts stalls, indie game creators, retro video game vendors and a selection of authors.

Waterstones will be making a welcome return!

Swansea’s own Gamers’ Emporium and Swansea Comics Collective will be there, rocking their stuff, too.

We also have a range of free activities for you;

We will be running two Cosplay Competitions. One being a craftsmanship competition where costumes will be marked by our team of judges Tasha from Sew Swansea, Iron Warrior Cosplays Dyfrig Griffiths, and Russell from Cosbont. There will also be our ever popular Cosplay Masqurade competition for those who just want to show off their costume and have a good time.

Various panels, covering a wide base of fandom, will be held throughout the day in our lovely new panel room. Come along, take a load off and listen in on the experts.

Various display teams will be on hand to show you the ropes when it comes to card, table-top and war gaming. One such display team will be Warlord Games which will be lead by none other than Andy Chambers! The learning will also come courtesy of Asmodee UK, Swansea University Role Play Society, and Swansea Wargames and Boardgames Club. Plus, a team of volunteers from Gamers’ Emporium will be running Magic: The Gathering demonstration games all day.

Tickets can be purchased from The Gamers’ Emporium, The Comix Shoppe, Or Cinema & Co. Swansea.

Guest Announcement


We are very please to announce that Andy Chambers will be in attendance at this year’s event, and he’ll be bringing along his brand new game, Blood Red Skies for you to try out!

Blood Red Skies is a tabletop miniatures game where you command formations of World War 2 fighter aircraft in battle. Action in the game is fast-paced – with six or more planes per side, letting you recreate thrilling dogfights!

Join Andy (from 1pm onwards) and the team from Warlord Games (who’ll be there all day) in our Gaming Zone and be one of the first people in the country to try it out.


Exhibitor Spotlight: Doodlecurls & Betwixt

We caught up with Bryony and Beth a.k.a Doodleculrs and Betwixt to get a little more info about them both and what they will be bringing to SCGC2018, check out their blurb below:

Hi we are two animators and illustrators. Our table will have a wonderful variety, especially for the fantasy lovers. Will will also be taking commissions on the day.
There will be a nice and beautiful variety of comics/zines. Such as Swap, the genderswap zine on popular media. The Charity Doggo Zine, an illustration collection of dog art from 67 artists and all for charity. Our Story So Far, the journey of 3 animators getting into the animation industry. Lost Light, a beautiful comic that focuses on the effects of light pollution and our relationship with nature and night skies. There will also be an amazing variety of A4 posters and prints of original art and fan-art. Adorable witch-themed stickers and beautifully handcrafted wands and D&D themed magnets.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Howard Ingham/Room 207 Press

We are pleased to confirm that Howard and Room 207 will be returning for SCGC2018.

Howard was kind enough to provide us with a little blurb about himself, please take a bit of time to check it out, below.

Hi, I’m Howard Ingham, I’ve lived in Swansea for the greater part of my life, and I’ve been working as a professional writer and artist for about sixteen years now. I’ve worked on over 50 RPG products for different publishers, including Vampire, Promethean, Mage, Hunter and Changeling for White Wolf, and most recently Modern AGE for Green Ronin. I’m coming as Room 207 Press, and bringing my games, which include Chariot, MSG™ and my new game The Shivering Circle which is a rules light folk horror game with open source rules. I’ll be at my table all day, apart from when I’ll be doing, for the third year in a row, one of the panels for the day, Finding Your Own Role: Role-Playing Games and Your Identity, where I’ll be talking about diversity in games, and how we can play the games we have in ways that are honest to ourselves, and if that sounds interesting, come along and say hi afterwards.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Trev Burgess

For today’s Exhibitor Spotlight we Spoke to Trev Burgess from Film 42 about their comic.

Myth of the K’inti is a new series of comic books describing a vast new realm of creation and alternate realities, which reawaken a group of youngsters’ imaginations. Check us out at or find the books and posters at

The comic has been a labour of love for myself, originally outlining the concept some 20 years ago.
Aimed at a younger audience (9+ to 99+), I hope to entertain an age group often left in the space between child and adult comics. In creating different realities, We have tried to create new visual styles with each new domain, the artwork evolving with each page turn.

Book one opens with a simple tale of a young group of friends meeting in their local café, overseen by Henry, the patriarchal owner. Part one introduces a strange young boy who fascinates and draws them in with tales of adventure and mystery. The newcomer creates an unsettling atmosphere with his stories and visions, highlighting the unease each teenager has with themselves, their friends and the adult world they have yet to acknowledge.

As part two quickly reveals, the protagonist, Timo, harbours ulterior motives. It is possible that the youngsters’ imaginations are being manipulated and used as a conduit for Timo, enabling him to reach alternate dimensions, through dream states created by his stories.

As we reach the climax of book one, new characters from other realities are revealed and relationships established. Timo leads the reader in another direction, pursuing his adversary and seeking answers. Throughout there are hints of a larger story arc, to be covered by five future books in the series.

I am the author of the series, as well as a Cinematographer & Director, with 35 years’ experience in TV and Dom Tsoi is the illustrator. Dom recently graduated from university, beginning a career as a hugely talented artist. We are both based in South Wales, UK. He can be found at Checkout his exhibition in March-April in Cardiff at

We have grown as a creative partnership over the course of two comics and have begun to expand the characters and their world. We are both passionate about the style and quality of Timo, I believe we have created some great imagery and enough intrigue to encourage the reader to follow us in the series.
Funded totally by myself, I hope to promote the complete Book One (Parts 1 & 2) and gain a following to fund the other stories.

My intention has always just been to share my vision of a fascinating new world. It is my hope that it appeals to anyone, young and old, who loves to dream and who also never intends to grow up.

Our stand features Part one and two of the comic, but we also bring a selection of posters based on the book, limited edition T-shirts by the lovely lads at and if all goes well, some special jewellery from the series.

Swing by and say hi to me & Dom when you visit!

Exhibitor Spotlight: Owain Richards

Owain Richards is a South Wales based Illustrator and Storyboard Artist with a love for all things Comics, Films, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. He will be on hand on the day with a mix of different items for sale including Art Prints, Stickers, Original Art and other print-based materials. He will also be open for several slots of on-the-day sketch commissions of your favourite characters, so pop by and have your favourite character sketched to remember the day!

You can Follow Owain on Facebook at or alternatively on Instagram at

Tickets for SCGC2018 are on sale now. You can purchase them online from or from Comix Shoppe, The Gamers’ Emporium and Cinema & Co. Swansea.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Deedee Davies/3D Fantasy Art


3D Fantasy Art showcases the artwork of Deedee Davies. She creates fantasy, horror and gothic art using 3D modelling and rendering programmes.

Deedee is a self-taught artist and she has been creating character-based art in 3D and 2D media since 2003. Her work has been commissioned for a number of online fantasy and horror games, both for character art and interface layout, as well as character design and interface work on anumber of independent Facebook games. She spent a good part of the early 2010s creating zombie and horror-based book covers for the Library of the Living Dead Press, and has since gone on to create book covers for a number of independent authors. She also undertakes private commissions to create character, landscape and other miscellaneous art for individuals for use online and in print. Her artwork has been featured in a number of online articles and magazines, as well as a number of art books. Her work has also received several awards in online communities, some of which are noted on her website. Her influences include anything dark and fantastical, bad 80s horror and fantasy films, heavy metal and the works of Poe, Lovecraft & their contemporaries.
A range of framed and unframed prints, mugs, mousemats and postcards will be on sale at Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention 2018, as well as a small selection of hand-made embroidered geeky crafts.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Simon Powell

Simon Powell runs DramaScape Games along with Steven Black, They are an ENnie nominated company that provide maps for gaming. Simon also runs Dragondaze, a Gaming and Comic Con in Newport that raises fund for childrens charities.

Simon has also worked Freelance for several companies as an Artist, Cover and internal illustrations, companies such as Pinnacle Games (Savage Worlds), Covers for the FASA Fading Suns and Blue Planet, and Mindjammer Press, to name but a few.
A search of Simon’s name on brings up 377 products that I have worked on as an Artist or Producer.

Simon will be bringing a selection of maps and tools for RPG and a long love of Gaming.

They will be selling some of our ready printed maps and some steampunk knick knacks.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Peter James Maggs

Peter James Maggs is an all ages cartoonist. He is the creator of ‘The Many Strange Cases of Ghost Jones’, a supernatural detective comic about the weird crimes that happen in the small town of Gloomshire. He has also created a variety of other mini comics and zines about all manner of supernatural creatures, from the everyday lives of werewolves to the adventures of a peculiar forest creature.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Sarah Elliot

Sarah was kind enough to answer a few questions for us to showcase her work, and what she will be bringing along to SCGC2018.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sarah Elliot and I’m an author from the North East of England who attended Swansea University as a Post Graduate Student back in 2007-2008

What you will be bring to the con.

My collection of novels, including the finally completed Amethyst Trilogy and a small selection of short stories. Plus, Mini Ace, my con travelling alpaca plushi who likes to get his picture taken with as many cosplayers as possible

A little bit about your comic/product/stall.

I write fantasy, supernatural romance and short horror stories. I have recently just finished publishing the Amethyst Trilogy which is a series about twins Ekata and Dymas – half vampire, half werewolf hybrids referred to as Volf’s – as they try to stay alive when the whole world wants to steal their mystical powers and their struggles with love throughout all of this adventure. I also have a one-shot story called a Simple Wish about twins living in different dimensions being able to spend one day together by making a wish to do so and a short comic story about a half orc barbarian going off after a vampire count who has stolen his jewel.
For those who like horror, there’s the Strange Anthology which features twelve original short horror stories by twelve separate authors – one of themwhose me – and they all revolve around a stranger appearing in some creepy way. The Collector is my story in this and features a mysterious woman tracking down a dangerous man because his name is on the list to be collected.



Volf: Blood Trailer:

Volf: Silver Audio Book Trailer: