Exhibitor Spotlight: Howard Ingham/Room 207 Press

We are pleased to confirm that Howard and Room 207 will be returning for SCGC2018.

Howard was kind enough to provide us with a little blurb about himself, please take a bit of time to check it out, below.

Hi, I’m Howard Ingham, I’ve lived in Swansea for the greater part of my life, and I’ve been working as a professional writer and artist for about sixteen years now. I’ve worked on over 50 RPG products for different publishers, including Vampire, Promethean, Mage, Hunter and Changeling for White Wolf, and most recently Modern AGE for Green Ronin. I’m coming as Room 207 Press, and bringing my games, which include Chariot, MSG™ and my new game The Shivering Circle which is a rules light folk horror game with open source rules. I’ll be at my table all day, apart from when I’ll be doing, for the third year in a row, one of the panels for the day, Finding Your Own Role: Role-Playing Games and Your Identity, where I’ll be talking about diversity in games, and how we can play the games we have in ways that are honest to ourselves, and if that sounds interesting, come along and say hi afterwards.