Virtual SCGC 2020 – Guest Content

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Throughout the course of the day, we’ll have content from some of our Guests in the form of panels, live-draws and Q&As on our stream.

Stream Schedule

  • 12:00 – Welcome to Virtual SCGC 2020 – Join Ricky, Adam (and maybe Simon) to get the festivities started.
  • 12:30 – 13:30 – Snap, Crackle and Pop Culture Podcast
  • 14:00 – Catfood Comics Live Draw
  • 15:30 – Joe Glass, Guest Artist
  • 16:00 – Music from Death Ingloria
  • 17:00 – Horror in Table Top Games – a panel with Guests Howard Ingham, Matthew Dawkins & Chris Handley
  • 18:00 – Cosplay Competition and Painting Competition Results
  • 18:10 – Virtual SCGC2020 Charity Raffle Draw, with Rosie from the Welsh Ape and Monkey Sanctuary
  • 18:30 – The End?

You can watch the stream on the Virtual Con landing page or on our Twitch channel if you want to take part in the discussion and ask guests questions via the chat…

We thought you might like to know a little about the guests who’ll be taking part, so below is a bio for each of them;

Matthew Dawkins has been creating videos about tabletop RPGs for a decade and has been writing RPGs for five or so years, spanning genres from fantasy to historical, and horror to contemporary mystery.

As well as being a frequent contributor to game lines such as Vampire: The Masquerade, Matthew conceptualised and recently developed They Came from Beneath the Sea!, a sci-fi game set before the backdrop of 1950s B-movies. This game by Onyx Path Publishing reached 200% of its funding target on Kickstarter and was backed by over 900 individuals.

Matthew is a video game content designer and voiceover artist, having worked most recently for Paradox Interactive on an as-yet unannounced project.

As a two-time Origins Award Winner (Fan Favorite RPG of the Year 2019 and Best Roleplaying Game of the Year 2019, both for Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition), Matthew is happy to be leaving his mark on the gaming industry.

Death Ingloria explores Humanity’s depths, its heights, and its inevitable conclusions through rock music, comic art and animation.​

Death Ingloria’s debut album The Wolf Onboard is a complete Science Fiction story told across seven songs, a seven page comic book and seven animated videos which play out during Death Ingloria’s performances. The comic is the narration of the story, the songs the voices of the characters.

Joe Glass is a writer and creator of LGBTQ+ superhero team comic series, The Pride. Based in South Wales, Joe has been a reporter and critic within the comics industry as well as a creator, and continues to create exciting new projects to come.

Howard David Ingham has worked as a freelance writer of games and fiction for over 15 years. Howard’s got over 45 credits for White Wolf and Onyx Path (and was a key writer for Vampire: The Requiem, Promethean: The Created and Hunter: The Vigil) and has recently been writing for Green Ronin’s Modern AGE system. Their recent book We Don’t Go Back: A Watcher’s Guide to Folk Horror has been cited in at least three postgraduate theses over the last six months, is in the library of the British Film Institute and received a nomination for the 2018 Bram Stoker Awards, which is nice. Howard has been a panellist and exhibitor at every SCGC since the event began in 2016 and we love them!

Chris Handley is a podcaster, games designer, and games writer (and a computational chemist for his day job). For the last 9 years, along with Mike Andryuk, he has been one of the lead hosts of Darker Days Radio, a podcast dedicated to the White Wolf properties World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness, and their spin-off show Darkhammer, a show dedicated to exploring the Warhammer settings of Games Workshop. On Darker Days Radio they review the books, interview the creators, and also provided original ideas for players of horror roleplay games, using as their inspiration real-world folklore, myths, and urban legends in their Secret Frequency section. Darker Days Radio recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and had the honour of running a seminar at UK Games Expo back earlier in June 2019.

Chris has also published a number of books for these horror games, through the Storyteller Vault, and was co-designer, writer, and miniatures painter for FASA Games’ Noble Armada 3rd Edition. Chris is a contributing writer for the futurism and pop-science magazine, CYBR, and he is now a writer for Cubicle 7’s Warhammer 40,000 roleplay game “Wrath and Glory”, and has written introductory scenarios for Vampire: the Masquerade’s recent 5th edition, with these scenarios set in Manchester.

Catfood Comics is back! The fan-favourite publisher of yesteryear has been transformed and revitalised by comic creators, Pete Taylor and Mark Hughes. Catfood publishes ‘The Seven Sagas of Silverbeard’, an oversized 44 page sword & sorcery comic magazine starring the Simian Swashbuckler, Silverbeard, as well as the all ages Monster Kids and the upcoming fantasy epic ‘What the Folk?!’

Pete and Mark are professional graphic designers and illustrators with over 15 years of experience. Founders of the Swansea Comics Collective they have self published their work for over 10 years. Strong supporters of the use of comics in education Pete and Mark regularly run Comic Creation and Art workshops for schools and community groups.

Snap, Crackle and Pop Culture Podcast describe themselves as “A bunch of friends talk into a microphone about their thoughts on nerd and pop culture.” That description is a rather modest way of describing this group of Swansea-based in-the-know artists and gamers, who have been pod-casting about what they love for the last two years.

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