2022 Event Sponsorship

If you would like to become a Sponsor of SCGC 2022, please send an email to info@scgc.org.uk to discuss which option suits your organisation best.

We are offering the following sponsorship packages for this year’s event;

Sponsorship Tier Details Cost Limits?
Tier 1 Sponsorship (Basic): Listing on the sponsors’ page of our website and mentions on a selection of featured social media posts.

This also would come with a ¼ advert in our event programme. (These will be handed to every attendee on the day).
£200 No Limit
Tier 2 Sponsorship (Ticket/lanyard): All the benefits of Tier 1, plus logo printed on our ticket art. Tickets for this event will be in the form of lanyards with an A6 print. Your logo would be printed clearly upon this.

Also includes 1 prominent 6×2 table and 2 weekend tickets per sponsor.

£1000 Limited to 4 sponsors
Tier 3 Sponsorship (Programme): As Tier 1, but with prime, full page advert inside front / back covers and logo printed on outside cover.

Also includes 1 prominent 6×2 table and 4 weekend tickets per sponsor.

£1500 Limited to 2 sponsors
Tier 4 Sponsorship (Guest Sponsor): As Tier 1, plus advertised on all guest-related promotional material, both digital and traditional media; maximising exposure at our event and beyond.

Also includes 1 prominent 6×2 table close to our guests, and 10 weekend tickets per sponsor.

£5000 Dependant on Guest Availability
Tier 5 sponsorship (Event): The benefits of Tier 1 and 2. Plus extensive promotion on all platforms.

We would include your logo and tagline (if applicable) on all of our marketing, ads and other promotional material including prominent placement on our website etc. “Your organisation” presents Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention 2022, or similar. (Negotiable).

Double page advert in our programme.

Prominent exhibition space on the event floor (including 2 6×2 tables) and 50 weekend tickets to be used as you see fit.

The opportunity to display banners, posters and other promotional material in and around the venue to ensure maximum exposure for your brand.

£10000 Limited to 1 sponsor