Panels 2019


Panels will be taking place in Committee Room 5 and 6. Seating capacity for each room is 50 people, so please make sure that you take your seats 5 minutes before the panel start time to avoid disappointment.

Committee Room 5

Committee Room 6
11:30 Art in South Wales

Guests Simon Wyatt and Kallan Archer talk about the Comic Scene in South Wales

12:00 Meet the Game Designers

Guests Keith Baker, Malcolm Sheppard and Wood Ingham talk about their experiences writing RPGs
12:30 Breaking Into The Comics Industry

Guests Sarah Graley, Rachael Smith and Joe Glass talk about how they got their break
13:00 Gamesmasterng 101

Swansea University Roleplaying Society present a short guide to the art of running a Roleplaying Game
13:30 The 2000AD Panel

Guests Patrick Goddard, Mike Collins and Dylan Teague talk about their experiences working for an iconic British comic
14:00 The Peculiar Pleasures and Pains of Old Skool Gaming

Wherin guests Howard Ingham and Malcolm Sheppard talk fondly about the charms of gaming in an old skool style, from the coming of age of the fantasy heartbreaker to the grimdark comedy of Oldhammer.
14:30 Star Wars: Beyond The Movies

Guests Nick Brokenshire and JAKe discuss creating art in a galaxy far, far away
15:00 Video Game Streaming

GAME’s guest Reaper Steve will be on hand to tell you everything you need to know about streaming

16:00 An Audience with Keith Baker, Game Designer

Keith will be talking about what’s coming up for Eberron in 5th Edition, how it all got started and what Twogether Studios have planned next… as well as answering your questions on all this and more.