Exhibitor Spotlight: Simon Powell

Simon Powell runs DramaScape Games along with Steven Black, They are an ENnie nominated company that provide maps for gaming. Simon also runs Dragondaze, a Gaming and Comic Con in Newport that raises fund for childrens charities.

Simon has also worked Freelance for several companies as an Artist, Cover and internal illustrations, companies such as Pinnacle Games (Savage Worlds), Covers for the FASA Fading Suns and Blue Planet, and Mindjammer Press, to name but a few.
A search of Simon’s name on DriveTHRUrpg.com brings up 377 products that I have worked on as an Artist or Producer.

Simon will be bringing a selection of maps and tools for RPG and a long love of Gaming.

They will be selling some of our ready printed maps and some steampunk knick knacks.



Exhibitor Spotlight: Peter James Maggs

Peter James Maggs is an all ages cartoonist. He is the creator of ‘The Many Strange Cases of Ghost Jones’, a supernatural detective comic about the weird crimes that happen in the small town of Gloomshire. He has also created a variety of other mini comics and zines about all manner of supernatural creatures, from the everyday lives of werewolves to the adventures of a peculiar forest creature.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Sarah Elliot

Sarah was kind enough to answer a few questions for us to showcase her work, and what she will be bringing along to SCGC2018.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sarah Elliot and I’m an author from the North East of England who attended Swansea University as a Post Graduate Student back in 2007-2008

What you will be bring to the con.

My collection of novels, including the finally completed Amethyst Trilogy and a small selection of short stories. Plus, Mini Ace, my con travelling alpaca plushi who likes to get his picture taken with as many cosplayers as possible

A little bit about your comic/product/stall.

I write fantasy, supernatural romance and short horror stories. I have recently just finished publishing the Amethyst Trilogy which is a series about twins Ekata and Dymas – half vampire, half werewolf hybrids referred to as Volf’s – as they try to stay alive when the whole world wants to steal their mystical powers and their struggles with love throughout all of this adventure. I also have a one-shot story called a Simple Wish about twins living in different dimensions being able to spend one day together by making a wish to do so and a short comic story about a half orc barbarian going off after a vampire count who has stolen his jewel.
For those who like horror, there’s the Strange Anthology which features twelve original short horror stories by twelve separate authors – one of themwhose me – and they all revolve around a stranger appearing in some creepy way. The Collector is my story in this and features a mysterious woman tracking down a dangerous man because his name is on the list to be collected.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arguingwithafish/

Volf: Blood Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGilIwmiSho

Volf: Silver Audio Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIsh82SUCIs 

Exhibitor Spotlight: Andy Wright/Real Tidy Design


Andy has over twenty years experience in the game industry working for companies such as Codemasters, Acclaim and Deadline Games.
Andy now works as a freelance illustrator for companies such as Posthuman Studios as well as taking bespoke personal commissions.

Last year Andy took the leap into comics with a his Steampunk themed ‘The Zodiac Set & The Wondrous Exhibition’, which incorporates
game elements for the reader to discover hidden lines of text.

Excerpt from the comic…

Marred by the loss of Sir Tarquin Ramsbottom III, feared dead in his fateful expedition to Mars; this was, never the less, the most amazing event
ever to be held in the Queen’s Capital.

Gentle Adventures, ladies and men alike will share their stories over cucumber sandwiches and magic lantern slides Lord D. Montague will present his misadventures
in Egypt, while Miss Thomasina Kettle will try and explain the intricacies of time travel- through the use of her invention the Temporal Experimental Adjustable Brew Augmentation Gizmo.

This, the journal of young Lady Green, now fellow member of the Zodiac Set, chronicles the Exhibition, and the trouble she had with what she saw.
It is hard to believe it was 3, short years, later that the world was mired in The Steam Wars, fought with horrific boiler engines. However
dear reader read closer, and buried in the text are messages, hidden from the average reader: cyphers and clues to the origins of the Steam
Wars, and an event so terrible that an entire reality was threatened.

Andy can be found on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/RealTidyDesign/

Guest Spotlight: Jenika Ioffreda

As we get closer to SCGC2018 we thought we’d give you a taste of some of the things to expect on the the day, by shining a spotlight on the exhibitors you’ll be able to see at the Convention. First up we have the amazingly talented Jenika Ioffreda!

Jenika ioffreda is the creator of “Vampire Free Style”, award nominated and self-published comic book series about a black cat in a world of vampires, magic and witches.
The series has sold over 5,000 copies in comic conventions over Europe, has been praised by reviewers, has a loyal following and has been requested as a set dressing for “This Must Be The Place” movie.

Pages and illustrations from the series have been displayed at Brent Museum in London.
Jenika took part to different comic book projects, including the “Kapow! Guinness World Record Special” – a project by Marvel which broke two Guinness World Record as the fastest comic book ever produced and the biggest number of creators working on a single comic – and “City Stories”, an international comic project conducted by Lodz Cultural Centre and the British Council.

Her works have been also used for merchandising, cd covers and musical theatre.
Jenika is an extremely active presence in the European comic conventions circuit with more than 180 convention attendances over the years.
She is currently self-publishing a new comic book series “Midnight Tea”: the adventures of a 19th century girl who can see ghosts.

During SCGC 2018 she will be selling her comics and merchandising, also she will be taking commissions and draw portraits of people in comic book style.

Her official website is https://www.neptunefactory.com


It’s Coming…

In preparation for next year’s convention, we’re going to be retooling the website over the next few months.

In preparation for this, we’re going to be playing with the layout and content of our current site over the next few weeks, so don’t be alarmed if you see things disappear in the short term.

Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention Returns 5th May 2018!

Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention Returns!
A few weeks have passed since SCGC 2017. We’ve had some time to reflect on the success of the event, and we have got a few things to share with you.
SCGC2017 – saw us move to a new bigger venue that really helped to get more people into the convention at one time, meaning that the 1000+ attendees were granted quicker access with little to no queues throughout the day.
We saw an increase in trader space too, with 33% more stalls than we had at the Volcano theatre in 2016. These were both returning traders and a great mix of new traders to offer a much wider choice for all our visitors.
Another new feature of SCGC2017 was the guests that we had in attendance. Dylan Teague, The Etherington Brothers, Conor Boyle, Steve Lockley, and Dyfrig Griffiths.
We also expanded the range of activities on offer with GAME attending with a range of consoles and VR for people to try out free of charge and TCG tournaments. On top of these activities we also saw the return of Esdevium Games who were running taster sessions for a number of table top games, the Swansea Comics Collective wall comic, a full program of panels, the Cosplay competition, and live music from the amazing Jollyboat.
Taking all of that in to account and to thank you for the continued support that you guys have shown us we thought that we’d surprise you with an announcement!
Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention will return once again to the Brangwyn Hall in 2018! So mark off your diaries as you’ll be busy on the 5th of May 2018!
Thank you to The Art of SoK for another awesome gamer barbarian piece!

Trader Announcement

Sadly, we’ve just received this message from the guys at theVRzone;

“Due to unforeseen circumstances theVRzone is unable to attend this year’s Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention and we wish the organisers and all who attend a great time!”

We’re sorry that they’ve had to pull out at the 11th hour, and we hope everything is ok with them.

SCGC 2017 Charity Raffle

So, our not-so-mystery top prize is winging it’s way to us from LEGO HQ in Denmark. But what else will you be able to win at the raffle?

Check out this little lot;

Our raffle prize-pool so far includes a Spiderman Print donated (last year but went astray during the draw last year) by Anthony D Lee, a Blank SketchVariant Fantastic Four Comic With a sketch by SoK donated by Swansea Comics Collective, a Daredevil sketch from Peter James Maggs, and £300 worth of boardgames from The Gamers’ Emporium.

We’re hoping that many of the other vendors attending will be adding their own unique prizes to the pool on the day as well, so make sure to buy your tickets (£1 each) at the Ticket Desk on Saturday.

The raffle will be drawn on the Main Stage of the convention at 17:00 on Saturday 27th . If you’re unable to stay at the event until the draw, please make sure you leave your mobile number when buying your tickets.