Countdown to SCGC – 15 Days to Go

Only 15 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it’s the turn of;

Beth Rose Jewellery

We make earrings and necklaces with a geeky twist! We have Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Death Note, Doctor Who and many more! We also have some other designs for the baker, writer, and coffee addict in all of us. Some items are also customizable and charm bracelets with your choice of charms! We range in price from £2.99 to £8.99. Find us on Facebook!

Countdown to SCGC – 16 Days to Go

Only 16 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it’s the turn of;


BSD Hobbies are a small Swansea based company making a range of laser cut hobby and gaming components in acrylic and MDF. Including templates, tokens and gaming aids for both wargames and board games. The majority of the stock is made to order, with an extensive list of 20 different acrylic colours to choose from, as well as optional personalisation on larger items. In addition to standard templates, custom items can be produced for specific games or applications. Other products include custom built scale models such as the National Waterfront Museum and Swansea pump house in O-gauge.

Countdown to SCGC – 17 Days to Go

Only 17 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it’s the turn of;

Jazmine Phillips Illustrations was started way back in 2009, from sketching 
to watercolour painting and the latest addiction to clay modelling. Coming
up with original artwork as well as doing fan art, I just love to create things
for others to enjoy! Most of my work is available on Redbubble, TeePublic and 
Facebookto view and purchase.

Countdown to SCGC – 18 Days to Go

Only 18 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it’s the turn of;

3D Fantasy Art

“3D Fantasy Art showcases the artwork of Deedee Davies. She creates fantasy, horror and gothic art using 3D modelling and rendering programmes.  3D Fantasy Art has been in business for around 10 years and offers a range of services, from book covers and CD artwork to custom character portraits.  A range of framed and unframed prints and postcards will be on sale at Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention on May 28th.
You can find out more about 3D Fantasy Art at

Aftershow Party!

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that Walkabout have become an event sponsor of SCGC…

Not only have they sponsored the event, they’re also throwing a big damn party for us after the con! WOO HOO!

Wearing your SCGC entry wristband will get you;

  • Free entry at our venue all night,
  • 25% OFF food
  • 25% OFF drinks

In addition to that (and by no small coincidence just after the con closes, between 7-10pm they have 50% off ALL drinks.

Drinking not so much your thing? Would you rather groove? Well, they’ll be putting on a rock/indie band (act TBC) from approx 6:15pm-8pm, just for you guys!

We’ve now migrated our site over to this shiny Blogger site (thanks to the folks form SCGC for setting us up).

Our old site will now automatically redirect here.

While we were doing the migration, we’ve also updated our list of exhibitors, program and convention map (further updates to follow as we work out who goes where!)

If you’re still toying with the idea of having a stall at the con, book soon as we have already sold over 3/4 of our tables.

The Booking deadline for Traders and Sponsors is Friday 13th May, so make sure you’ve sent your form and paid by then.

Our Exhibitor Page has been updated with details of confirmed vendors so far!

If you’ve sent us a booking form, but haven’t sent us your payment yet, then as soon as we receive it, we’ll get your details added to the page 🙂

Exhibitor Announcement

We are pleased to announce that author A J King will be joining us for her first convention, where she will be promoting her book The Power Vested in Me Book 1 The Gatherers.


Join the ‘Stardust’ to test your intuition, solve riddles and full fill the quests

A mysterious white haired man materialises one night in the nursery of a maternity ward. He projects lights from his hands on to some of the sleeping babies and then vanishes in to thin air, completely unnoticed.
Thirteen years later the five babies, who are now teenagers, win a competition, which none of them can remember entering. When arriving to collect their prize they are greeted by the mysterious white haired man. He appears to know all about them and the ‘secret powers’ he says he bestowed on them.
He asks for their help, his request is that they go on a series of quests for him, quests that involve time travel, danger and a little bit of magic.

* Who is this man?
* Why has he chosen these children?
* What does he want with the items they gather on the quests?

ALL WILL BE REVEALED IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME! (Unless you work it out first)
Scroll up and grab a copy today.