Volunteer with SCGC

As a not-for-profit event, we rely heavily on the kindness of volunteers who give up their time to make sure the event runs smoothly on the day.

What’s Involved in Volunteering

It’s a full-on day for volunteers on Con day.

They arrive at the venue at 07:30 for a briefing, then spend the next couple of hours helping vendors and guests to unload and get into the venue.

Volunteers are split into shifts, each one working on a rota of two hours on, and two hours off throughout the day. That way, they get the chance to experience all that the Con has to offer, as well as just work at it.

Once the public leave, at around 18:00, volunteers swing into action to help vendors strike their pitches and load their vans, before giving the venue a tidy before handing it back to the council and heading to a pub for a well deserved pint!

Volunteers come in different shapes and sizes, and we need a variety of different skill-sets to make the Con work;

Some volunteers act as Room Marshals, directing people around the venue, answering questions, liaising with the venue’s fire-marshalls and ensuring that the public don’t wander off where they’re not meant to go. Good people skills are essential for this role.

Other volunteers staff the ticket desk, welcoming people to the venue, taking payments and selling raffle tickets. Good cash handling skills are essential for this role.

We also need volunteers to act as runners for our guests and organisers, keeping our guests looked after (and hydrated), minding their tables if they need to step away to give a panel or use the facilities, and making sure that people and things are where they need to be, when they need to be. Initiative and flexibility are key skills here.

How can I get involved

If you are interested in volunteering with us and have some or all of the skills described above, please email info@scgc.org.uk with your contact telephone number.

There will be a meeting for volunteers in the lead up to the event (details will be emailed to you)