Event Programme 2018


Panels will be aking place in Committee Room 5. Seating capacity for the room is 50 people, so please make sure that you take your seats 5 minutres before the panel start time to avoid disappointment.

10:30:00 Panel – Yvil Cosplays – Details TBC
11:15:00 Panel – Howard Ingham – “Roleplaying and Identity”
12:00:00 Panel – Reaper Steve – “Getting Started with Livestreaming”
12:45:00 Panel – Guest Artists – “Meet the Artists”
13:30:00 LIVE MUSIC – Death Ingloria – Rock Music, Comic art and Animation
14:15:00 Panel – Uni RPG SOC – “”A Beginner’s Guide to RPGs in 2018”
15:00:00 Panel – Andy Chambers / Warlord Games – Details TBC
16:00:00 LIVE MUSIC – Death Ingloria – Rock Music, Comic art and Animation

Main Stage

16:00 LIVE MUSIC – Captain Meatshield
16:30 Cosplay Masquerade
17:15 Cosplay Results and Prizes
17:30 LIVE MUSIC – Captain Meatshield

Gaming Room

Throughout the day, there will be free to play demonstrations from GAME, UBISOFT, PLAYSTATION, Asmodee UK, Swansea Wargames and Boardgames Club and Magic the Gathering.

Additionally, Swansea University Roleplay Society will be running some free to play roleplaying game sessions. Each session will last 2 hours and players will be provided with everything they need to play (no experience necessary).

Each session has space for 6 players, and you can book your slot in advance by emailing roleplay@swansea-societies.co.uk with your name and the name and time of which game(s) you want to play in

Time Table 1 Table 2

City of Mist

Gamesmaster: Mark Tresidder

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Gamesmaster: Ciaran Mannix

13:00 Starfinder

Gamesmaster: Jasmine Fulcher


Gamesmaster: Milos Pavits

15:30 Tales from the Loop

Gamesmaster: Daniel Philpin

World of Darkness

Gamesmaster: Richard Hunt