Live Music 2018

2018’s live music was be provided by;

Captain Meatshield – YouTube Gamer and Musician

Captain Meatshield is a one-man metal-covers project, with a strong passion for the geeky side of life. He’ll be performing on the main stage before and after the Cosplay competition.

A life-long love of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, gaming, and music has led to the formation of a YouTube channel dedicated to “Let’s Play” gaming content, and heavy, symphonic metal covers.

While the gaming side of things tends to stay at home, Captain Meatshield wants to bring the music out to the public, and with covers of popular gaming themes from Final Fantasy, Duke Nukem, and Undertale, along with film and TV themes from Thunderbirds, Star Trek and The Nightmare Before Christmas, There should be something to appeal to everyone’s tastes!


and by;

Death Ingloria

Death Ingloria explores Humanity’s depths, its heights, and its inevitable conclusions through rock music, comic art and animation.​

Death Ingloria’s debut album The Wolf Onboard is a complete Science Fiction story told across seven songs, a seven page comic book and seven animated videos which play out during Death Ingloria’s performances. The comic is the narration of the story, the songs the voices of the characters.