Virtual SCGC 2020 – Analog Gaming Room

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At Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention, we’d normally have a hall where you could take part in various gaming demonstrations, learn to plays and role-playing-games, provided for us by volunteers and sponsors.

Since we can’t do that this year, here’s the next best thing…

First up, provided by those lovely folks at Asmodee UK (the people who usually run our board game demos for us), is access to their entire print-and-play board-game library and also >a link to their excellent Youtube channel which contains hundreds of how-to-play and quick overview videos for a wide range of boardgames.

Next up, courtesy of the folks at Konami, we’ve got a quick introduction to their Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel format. This is the perfect place to get started with this popular card game, and if you’re looking for a way to play it online, then check out their Duel Links App

In a similar vein, courtesy of the folks at Wizards of the Coast, we’ve got an introduction to Magic: The Gathering. Again, there’s an online variant, MTG Arena which is a good substitute for the real thing until you can meet up with friends and play in person.

We hope these keep you entertained for now, and we look forward to playing with you in person at SCGC 2021

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