Virtual SCGC 2020 – Painting Competition

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Even though we unfortunately had to cancel SCGC2020, we still wanted to give you guys something geeky to look forward to this summer, even if it is from the comfort of your own home. So our first announcement for the SCGC virtual con was a miniature painting competition.

This contest was completely free to enter with the winner taking away an awesome prize, a Games Workshop Warcry Nighthaunt Warband painted by our guest Chris Handley from Darker Days Radio.

To see some pictures of the prize, and how Chris painted them, head on over to his site

The competition was judged by Chris himself, and the results were as follows;

(Click on an image to open it full-size in another window)

1st Place – Wins the Nighthaunt Warband

Will’s Primaris Dreadnought

Runner Up – Wins a £10 Gift Voucher for The Gamers’ Emporium

James’ Chaos Vex Machinator

Full Gallery of Entries – Thanks to everyone who entered!

(Click on an image to open it full-size in another window)

Bradley’s Bard-devouring Beastie

Dylan’s Primaris Dreadnought

Dylan W’s Pit Devil

James’ Chaos Vex Machinator

Jazz’s Polyhedral Adventuring Party

Kyle’s Dragon Rider

Lawrence’s Primaris Chaplain

Mike’s Chaos Champion

Miles’ Stormcast Evocator

Will’s Primaris Dreadnought

Entries are now closed

The rules are simple:
first you need to submit a photo of your unpainted model (primed is acceptable) with a piece of paper showing your name and the date of submission;

second the model must be painted by you;

and third Submit a photo of the completed model with a piece of paper with your name and date of completion.

Completed models will need to be submitted by the 2nd of August.

Submissions can be made by email to, or via our Facebook Messenger.

We will then hold a vote on all the submissions and declare the winner on August the 8th which is the the day of the virtual convention.

Rules edit- we’ve had a few questions regarding painting over second hand paint jobs. So we will allow this but you will need to make sure that there is a noticeable difference between the original paint job and the repaint. This extends to models that are pre-painted for example X-Wing models. You will still need to follow the rules posted above.

Voting Update

Due to some issues with the voting system which have become apparent as the contest has progressed, we have taken the decision to discard all votes cast to date, and instead ask our guest Chris Handley to judge the competition. Apologies to those of you who had already voted.

We will still be announcing the result at 18:00 on 8th August 2020 as part of our live stream.

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