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We’re pleased to announce that SCGC is back for another virtual event this year, so make sure you’re free from 10:00 on Saturday 1st May 2021.

You might have noticed that we’ve been putting out a lot of content on Twitch recently, and we’ve well and truly caught the streaming bug so this year’s event will be a 24-hour marathon, and we’ll be continuing to raise money for our chosen charity, Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary.

The 24-hour stream will incorporate online gaming, guest panels, podcasters, tabletop wargaming, and cosplay, plus much more yet to be confirmed.

And best of all, the event is FREE! We invite you to tune in throughout the day (or stay with us for the whole run if you’re feeling hardcore!), and help a good cause with the money you didn’t pay to get in 🙂

We get that a stream won’t be anywhere near as fun as actually going to a convention in person (damn, we miss going to conventions…!), but hopefully we’ll be back to running physical events in 2022!